Rain-X Repel Vs Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blades

How a Woman Views the Rain-X Repel vs the Rain-X Latitude

As a girl, it is difficult to determine which wiper blades and wiper sizes are best for my vehicle. I was drawn to the two popular makes by Rain-X that match my car and which were obtainable online. Determining the very best alternative required just a little research. Many manufacturers advise that wiper blades end up being replaced each year. It is usually understandable if you reside in a dry weather that the blades would need replacement as they weathered and became brittle and inefficient. It could also make a difference that installing the wiper blades be easy and simple for a woman. Most of all, I wanted a thing that would offer a clear presence during frequent rainfall and snowstorms.

In comparing the Rain-X Repel and Rain-X Latitude windshield wipers, there was a small difference in the availability for some car makes and models. There is a cost difference and a different technology that was found in the building or procedure of the wiper blades. Here is an assessment of the features for both wiper blades:

Rain-X Repel Wiper Blade Features

Rain-X Repel windshield wipers use a fresh technology that delivers clearer visibility when driving a car by utilizing a patented coating that helps the raindrops, snow and ice particles, along with insects and mud to be transferred from the blade to the glass windshield.

The time-release coating technology is fast, usually within a couple of minutes before beading occurs, providing continual visibility for many wiper cycles. The particular covering and curved blade-style reduces windshield wiper sound and clearer window visibility with no streaking.

The Rain-X Repel wiper blades are for sale to an extensive set of popular car models and selection of makes from 1970 to the current year.

Rain-X Repel requires that you follow activation methods by thoroughly cleaning home windows before installation. At twice the price, the Rain-X Repel supplies the same benefit of anti-streaking as the Rain-X Latitude. These blades usually do not lie smoothly on the windshield, because they often lift from the top under 60 to 70 mph winds, resulting in uneven wipes. With the adjustment, the strain on the windshield could be increased leading to wipes that regularly contact the full surface area of the windshield.

Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blade

Rain-X Latitude windshield wipers are most widely known for his or her contoured design that glides evenly more than the windshield and their graphite-coated rubber blades offering noise-free wiping action. Also, they replace standard design wiper blades and may be fitted with special adapters to accommodate make use of on eight different wiper blade arm designs or 98% of automobile wiper blade arms.

These blades present easy installation modes, like the little j-hook type adapters or multi-adapter for bayonet, bigger j-hook or part pin arm wiper blade hands. The blades are made of long-lasting, rubber-encased frames that withstand harsh weather such as ice or snow or wind lift.

The Rain-X Latitude wiper can be offered for the same year range (1970-2011) for most models and makes of vehicles.

It appears that to make up my brain, I might have to consider the price as a significant factor, in addition to simple installation and focus on the standard of wiper pressure about maintaining consistent visibility. Perhaps I would choose the Rain-X Latitude wiper blades that, relating to many online reviews, appear to be more constant and half the purchase price.

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